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General Classroom Announcements:

Please check this page weekly for updates on homework and other information about what is happening in our class.  Refer to the calendar for general information about school-wide events.

Black History Month Extra Credit Projects- Information was sent home and the project was discussed with students in class.  Please check your child's papers for full details.  Projects may be turned in at any time during the month of February.  Students will present their person to the class. Points earned will be added as Extra Credit points to their Social Studies grade.

Classroom Wish List items: Thank you to those of you who sent in donations! We are not in need of anything at this time! :) 

Important Dates

    • February 19th No School
    • February 20th Library
    • February 27th $1.00 Dressdown

Upcoming Learning:
Homework this week
Students should read for 20 minutes per night, and login to google classroom to respond to the prompt once during the week, by Friday 2/23/18. 

Current Reading Focus

Story: The Man Who Invented Basketball
Genre: Biography
Comprehension Skill/Strategy: Generalize/Summarize
Vocabulary: basketball, disease, freeze, guard, popular, sports, study, terrible

Current Writing/Conventions (Grammar) Focus:
Poetry/Student Treasures/ Singular & Plural Pronouns

Spelling Words 3.4.1
wolves, knives, feet, men, children, women, sheep, heroes, scarves, mice, geese, wives, elves, banjos, halves

Amazing Words 3.4.1
mock, idle, potential, ecstatic, thrill, audition, necessary, result, succeed, rise, verge
Upcoming Tests/Quizzes
Conventions Test 2/15/18
Comprehension/Vocab/Spelling Test 2/16/18

Homework this week:
M: none
T: none
W: none
Th: 12-1
F: none

Current area of focus: 
Topic 11 is all about 2 step word problems! Monday will focus on 2 step word problems involving addition & subtraction, Tuesday will focus on 2 step word problems involving multiplication & division, and W-F will focus on 2 step problems using all four operations. 
Upcoming Tests/Quizzes:
Topic 11 test 2/19/18
 Social Studies
Homework this week:
Review sheet due 2/13
Current Area of Focus:
We are going to be wrapping up our unit by learning about Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman on Monday before reviewing the unit on Tuesday. We will test on Thursday due to our Compassion Day party on Wed.  
Upcoming Tests/Quizzes:
Unit 3 test 2/15

Homework this week: 
Current Area of Focus: 
none-currently on Social Studies
Upcoming Tests/Quizzes

 Current Topic: 2: Multiplication Facts - Using Patterns
This week's focus: 2s, 5s, and 9s facts

 Currently on 
Social Studies

 ​Current Topic: 2: Multiplication Facts - Using Patterns
This week's focus: 2s, 5s, and 9s facts

 ​Currently on 
Social Studies