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**last updated 10/12 11:30 am**

Fine Arts Schedule:

A and D Days:  Art and Tech
B and E Days:  Drama and Music
C and F Days:  Gym and Spanish

Check the RA calendar regularly for the most up to date information!


Yearly Events for 3rd & 4th Grade:

  • Friday, December 21st: Winter Celebration
  • Thursday, February 14th: Valentine's Day

3rd Grade Field Trips:

  • Friday, September 21st: Walking tour of Phoenixville
  • Friday, May 17th: Perkiomen Watershed

Please refer to the Galileo webpage or the Renaissance Academy calendar for information regarding other upcoming events for 3rd and 4th grade.

As always, if any of the information posted here is unclear, or you have questions, please reach out to me!

Transportation Changes:

**If your child's transportation changes during the school day, please email that information and copy the main office.**

-Mrs. Meyer

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This week in Math Class:

Students will review and prepare for our test over Topic 3 on Wednesday.  We will then move into Topic 4 which covers multiplying with two digit numbers.

*Test Date: Scheduled for:
Blocks 1,2 and 3: Wednesday 10/24/18
Announcements: Please bring earbuds that can stay in the math room if possible!

Classroom needs:

  • None at this time.

Please let me know if there is additional information you would like posted on this page. I will gladly update to help accommodate your needs! Be sure to check the Galileo House Team page as well. There is a lot of great information there!


*Subject to change*   Please check agendas nightly!  *Please note, students will need to study prior to assessments, so sometimes they will have to study on Fridays or over the weekend*

Block 1:

    • Mon- Finish Review
    • Tues- Study
    • Wed- None
    • Thurs- Corrections

Block 2:

    • Mon- Finish Review
    • Tues- Study
    • Wed- None
    • Thurs-Corrections

Block 3

    • Mon- Finish Review
    • Tues-Study
    • Wed- None
    • Thurs- Corrections

*All -circled items first, then others if 20-25 minutes allows. At the end of the time, with great effort made stop, and have an adult write a note that was is done is what you were able to accomplish in the 20-25 minutes.