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G. Holdsworth

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Please check this page weekly for updates on homework and other information about what is happening in our class.  Refer to the calendar for general information about school-wide events.

Important Dates

11/17 EOT to Limerick Bowl 10:30-2:30
11/22-11/24 No School
11/29 Awards Assembly 11:35-12:35


Skill Focus: Division (please note that lessons for Topic 5 will be completed out of order)
11/13 5-4 Online or paper
11/14 5-6 Online or paper
11/15 5-7 Online or paper
11/16 5-9 Online or paper

11/20 Review Due- Study for Test
11/21 None

Review pages 315-318 will be handed out on 11/13.
Review due 11/20
Test 11/21

To access the math textbook online: Website:
Username and passwords will be written in agendas during the first week of class.

**Remember that math homework should not take more than 20 minutes.  If your student is struggling with the work have them mark it "RED" and write a note that it was worked on for 20 minutes.  

THIS WEEK IN ELA- Horse Heroes
Question of the Week: How can people and animals work as a team? Skill Focus: Fact and Opinion Grammar: Singular Possessive Nouns Homework Horse Heroes Packet Due 12/1 (will be handed out after Thanksgiving)

Spelling Test -Horse Heroes Week 4  Test 12/4
1. Thanksgiving
2. among
3. think
4. blank
5. graph
6. young
7. wheel
8. nephew
9. belong
10. whiskers
11. whisper
12. elephant
13. white
14. shrink
15. wharf
16. trunk
17. strong
18. blink
19. chunk
20. skunk
21. strengthen
22. bankrupt
23. phantom
24. whimsical
25. whatever

Current Skill Focus: Early Settlers
 Review Due:  11/15
Test: 11/16  

Current Skill Focus: Currently Working on Social Studies

To access the science textbook online: Website:

If your student needs any papers that have been handed out in school please have them check the "Extra Mailbox."

Class Wish List Items
soft tissues
Clorox Wipes
Construction Paper
Gerbil Bedding
Digital Clock