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"There is a difference between not knowing and not knowing yet." 

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Ms. LeidyIntroducing Ms.Leidy!
Ms. Giardini is currently on maternity leave.  While she is gone, her classes will be taught by Ms. Maria Leidy.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Leidy at or 610-983-4080, ext.152.

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This Week in Our Class -May 14th- May 18th, 2018

BLOCK 1:  English Language Arts

  • Monday: Word Map: day 1
  • Tuesday: Word Map: day 2 ** Word Search & Crossword- Vocab Part1**
  • Wednesday: Word Map: day 3  Word Search & Crossword- Vocab Part2
  • Thursday: Word Map: day 4- packet due tomorrow- Comp ?'s Due 5/18
  • Friday: READ- READ-READ


  • Tests/Quizzes: Tangerine: Graded Comprehension Response 
                            Next Packet DUE 5/18
Current Reading Focus: Citing text evidence in comprehension responses 
Current Writing/Grammar Focus: Writing a Formal letter to a local Company


BLOCK 2:  Math

  • Monday:  review for test!
  • Tuesday: none
  • Wednesday: Algebraic Equations- Pg 2 (24)
  • Thursday:
  • Friday: Study Math Facts
Current Area of Focus: Algebraic Equations

BLOCK 3:  Science & Social Studies

  • Social Studies: Forming A New Country
  •           Monday: Review Notes
  •   Tuesday: Review Vocabulary
  •    Weds.   :  Finish notes--pg 161
  •    Thursday:
  • Science: 
  •         Monday: review notes from class today
  • Show that HW in agenda your Read 465-469 do ?s 2,3,4,5,6,7
  • Tuesday: review notes from class today
  • Weds: Study for L11-1 Check tomorrow
  • Thursday: 
  •                         none
SCIENCE: L11-1 Check 5/17 Forces and Motion

SOCIAL STUDIES: UPDATE !!!!!!Chapter 11 Test MOVED to TUESDAY 5/22