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"There is a difference between not knowing and not knowing yet." 

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BLOCK 1: English Language Arts

Monday: Sticker Story: Write a short story using at least 10 of your spelling words 
Tuesday: None - Test Day - Enjoy your Break! 

11/21: "Everglades Forever" Comprehension Test 
11/21: Spelling Test: steel, steal, aloud, allowed, ring, wring, lesson, lessen, who's, whose, manor, manner, pedal, peddle, berry, bury, hanger, hangar, overdo, overdue

Current Reading Focus:
Author's Purpose 

Current Writing/Grammar Focus:
Research Paper - Understanding the components of a research paper

BLOCK 2: Math

Monday: Decimal Worksheet
Tuesday: *OPTIONAL (2 extra classwork points)* Decimal of the Day: DUE 11/27

12/5 Mid Topic Quiz
12/15 Test

Current Area of Focus:
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions  


BLOCK 3: Science & Social Studies


Science: Ecosystem Research DUE 11/27: What is not finished during class time, MUST be completed at home
Social Studies: Review vocabulary terms for mid-chapter quiz on 11/29

11/29: Social Studies Mid-Chapter Vocabulary Quiz: colony, plantation, slavery, borderlands, presidio, mission, hacienda, raw material, stock, cash crop, profit, indentured servant, legislature, represent, royal colony  

Current Science Focus:
Research Project: Why is it important to value ecosystems?  

Current Social Studies Focus:
Building the First Colonies