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Jessica Giardini
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"There is a difference between not knowing and not knowing yet." 

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BLOCK 1: English Language Arts

Monday: None - Test Day 
Tuesday: Opinion Writing - Final Copy DUE Friday 
Wednesday: Opinion Writing - Final Copy DUE Friday
Thursday:  Opinion Writing - Final Copy DUE Friday
Friday: Study vocab terms for test on Monday

2/16: Final Copy of Opinion Writing - Typed DUE 
2/12: "Molly Pitcher" - Comprehension, Vocabulary & Grammar Test

Vocabulary Terms: revolution, strategy, foes, legendary, formal, gushed, plunged, magnificent, retreat, shimmering 

Current Reading Focus:
Conclusions & Generalizations 

Current Writing/Grammar Focus:
Opinion Writing 

BLOCK 2: Math

Monday: None - Quiz Day
Tuesday: 13-1(Page 739) Odds Only-No Calculator, Show Work 
Wednesday: 13-2(Pages 745-746) #4-10-No Calculator, Show Work
Thursday: 13-3(Pages 751-752) #1-8, 11, 13, 14
Friday: None  

*Topics 10 & 11 Test Corrections DUE Friday, 2/16*

2/12- Topic 12 Quiz
2/21 - Topic 13 Quiz

Current Area of Focus:
Represent & Interpret Data


BLOCK 3: Science & Social Studies


Science: None
Social Studies: None

2/12: Social Studies Chapter 7 Vocabulary Test: constitution, debtor, backcountry, planter, overseer, indigo, interdependence, broker 

Current Science Focus:
Plants & Animals

Current Social Studies Focus: