Triple E Program

 "Middle School Triple E Program - Experience, Exposure, Exultation - College Readiness"

About the Triple E Program:

Renaissance Academy has put together a fabulous program for middle school students which encourages them to prepare for their future academic careers at the college level and beyond. This program provides students with a variety of experiences, exposes them to the planning process and recognizes their efforts at their eighth grade promotion ceremony.

The program is designed to expose all students to the basics and facts of college life while providing others with greater opportunities for gaining various experiences. Knowing this important information prior to entering high school will be a valuable tool for each and every child when the time comes for the actual application process.

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The middle school students begin the year with a presentation and learn about the Triple E Program and what it has to offer. The students are then given an informational quiz to assess their prior knowledge about college and post-high school education. All students are provided the opportunity during the school day to participate in the following:

  • Listen to a college admissions officer discuss college and campus life and planning
  • Learn about and discuss various types of scholarships
  • Write a college essay in English language arts class
  • Research a college in English language arts
  • Take a virtual tour of a college and investigate specified questions
  • Go on a college tour at a local university

Students are also encouraged to attend or participate in outside of school activities such as:

  • Take a PSAT, SAT, or ACT exam
  • Participate in a mock college interview
  • Attend a high school or college graduation ceremony outside of RA
  • Interview a college student who is not a family member
  • Attend a college fair
  • Attend a college sporting event
  • Sign up for a college mailing list
  • Ask a teacher to fill out an evaluation

The events listed previously will earn credit when a form of verification is shown.


The early exposure will stimulate our middle school students into thinking of their academic path and begin to pave the way for a smooth transition into college. This program is deigned to make the process a “real” but exciting expectation for all students. Students will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How to prepare for success in college?
  • How to pick the best school?
  • How to get the best schools to pick you?
  • How to pay for college?
  • How to make the best choice?
  • How to best prepare me for what I want to do and who I want to be?
  • Who can get money to go to college?
  • What “types” of money are out there?
  • Where can I go for college money?
  • How can I apply for this money?
  • Do I have to pay it back?
  • How do we get accepted into the college of our choice?
  • What is a major and a minor?
  • What is the difference between a college and a university?
  • What is the difference between state and private schools?


If during the course of their two years in middle school students complete a number of experiences both inside and outside of school, they will be recognized at the eighth grade promotion ceremony. During the two years, students should achieve anywhere between seven to twelve acts of preparedness (or more). The following will serve as a formula for the recognition of exultation at the 8th grade promotion ceremony:

12+ Acts = Summa Cum Laude

10-11 acts = Magna Cum Laude

9 acts = Cum Laude

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