Ms. Bassett

Welcome to Ms. Bassett's Classroom!

Hilary Bassett
Kindergarten Teacher
610-983-4080 ext. 268

 'Take me to the ocean; Let me sail the open sea.  To breathe the warm and salty air, and dream of things to be..."
      ~Erica Billups

General Classroom Information:

It was so nice meeting with all of you for the SLCs.  We are getting excited to begin our first week of Kinder Roots!  Please keep an eye out for more information to come home in the student's take home folder.

Thank you for all the tissue donations! You're the BEST!!!!

Upcoming Events: 
Monday, January 15th~ Martin Luther King Day; No School 
Tuesday, January 30th~ $1 Dress Down Day
Thursday, Febuary 1st~ Spirit Wear Day with khaki bottoms

~Wish List
* Expo Markers: black, red, blue, and green  


Fine Arts Schedule: 1/16-1/19

Monday (  Day) No School
Tuesday ( F Day) Gym & Music
Wednesday ( A Day) Art & Music (Book Return) 
Thursday ( B Day)  Spanish & Gym (Library Day) 
Friday ( C Day)  Gym & Art


         Captain of the Week!

Throughout the year, we will be recognizing students for their star qualities! When your child is the Captain for the upcoming week, you will receive a letter in their folder on Friday. Please check here soon to meet our crew!

Week Of: 1/16

Congratulations, Maurizio!  He has been working extra hard this trimester to follow school rules and the code of conduct!  Maurizio has been a great role model during class dicussions, and is very responsible and helpful around the classroom.  Keep up the awesome work, Maurizio! 


Mystery Reader Dates:

In our classroom this year, you will have the opportunity to participate in a student favorite:  Mystery Reader!  On a specific days, we are inviting parents, grandparents, siblings, neighbors, etc., to bring in and read a favorite picture book to the class. The students LOVE when their family member is the Mystery Reader, and the whole class benefits from an adult sharing their love of reading.  

Because this is a mystery, all information must be kept TOP SECRET from your child, including the date you are coming in and the book you are reading.  About a week before you are scheduled to come in, I will email you and ask you for five clues about yourself that I can read to the class before you arrive.  The students love making predictions about who our Mystery Reader will be!

If you need any help choosing a book, or have any questions, I would be happy to assist!

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Fun Friday Dates:

Fun Fridays offer you a chance to come in and lead the class in a special activity!  In the past, parents have led the class in making a simple craft, playing a game, or making a special treat.  Activities should last about 30 minutes.  You are welcome to use the classroom supplies (construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons, etc.).  I will reach out to you about a week before your scheduled date to see if you are in need of any assistance.

Please sign up at the following link: 

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