Life Fitness Syllabus


Mr. Miller

Life Fitness Syllabus


Contact Information:

Jordan Miller                                                                        

Phone:  610-983-4080 ext. 185                                             


Office: Life Fitness Room


Life Fitness Class

Objectives/Goals: Students will develop the necessary skills in weight training that will increase their fitness levels, which they can utilize throughout their lives. Students will also learn proper technique and safety.


Daily Procedures: Students will…

  1. Enter the fitness room and check the board for the day’s objectives.
  2. Warm-up or pick up any hand outs for the class.
  3. Complete the necessary workout or notes for the day.
  4. Fill out their work out chart.
  5. Make sure their chart is checked by the teacher before they leave.
  6. Any missed work can be found on their shelf.


Rules: Class Rules

  1. Code of Conduct:  will be followed 100% of the time.
  2. Appropriate Behavior: dealing with language, touch, and emotions.
  3. No Jewelry: there will be containers for students to place jewelry in for class.
  4. Not Participating: without note results in a zero for the class.
  5. Injury/Illness: one excused class with parent note anything more than a day requires doctor note or results in zeros.
  6. Attire:  Change of clothes (Athletic Gear).  Sneakers required!
  7. Electronic Devices – IPod’s may be used while exercising in class.  Any other time is not permitted and if seen outside of class with an electronic device, than the privilege will be lost.
  8. BE SAFE and have fun!



  1. Individual privileges
  2. Class rewards



  1. Warning
  2. Sent to Dean
  3. Improper use of equipment- will be restricted from that equipment



  1. 10 points- daily participation/attitude
  2. 5 Points – uniform (Proper work out gear, must have sneakers.) 2 points for shirt and shorts, 1 point for sneakers.


  1. Handouts and worksheets
  2. Unit tests and quizzes
  3. Trimester Exams







  1. 50%- Participation (worksheets, uniforms, and exercise)
  2. 50%- Formal assessments (quizzes, written assignments, tests)


Trimester Exams:

  • First Trimester Exam:  TBD
  • Second Trimester Exam:  TBD
  • Third Trimester Exam:  TBD


General Units:

  1. Introduction and Safety/Use of equipment
  2. Components of Fitness and Training
  3. Warm Up/Cool Down – Stretching/flexibility
  4. Anatomy - muscles
  5. Types of Exercises
    1. Muscular Strength vs. Muscular Endurance
  6. Cardio and Heart Rate
  7. Circuit Training
  8. Calories
  9. Life Fitness Competitions










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