7th - 12th Grade Summer Reading (ELA)

Below you will find summer Reading/English Language Arts (ELA) work for yourImage of Summer Sun Reading a Book student according to what grade they will be entering in August 2017. These activities are specifically designed to help students retain more of what they’ve learned throughout this school year.

Please pay particular attention to the specific titles to ensure that your student is reading the appropriate book and completing the work necessary.  Each student should be aware of their ELA level and what book he or she is required to read.

Upper School Summer Reading Lists and Work (Grades 7-12)

7th Grade Summer Reading List
8th Grade Reading List
9th Grade Summer Reading List
10th Grade Summer Reading List
10th Grade Honors Summer Reading List
11th Grade Summer Reading List
12th Grade Summer Reading List
AP English Language Art Summer Reading List


 Please contact Kelly Najdawi at kelly.najdawi@rak12.org