RA Students Get “Powered Up” With the National Theatre for Children

RA Students Get “Powered Up” With the National Theatre for Children
Posted on 03/06/2017
Pictured-1st grade students helping defeat energy villains during the assembly.PHOENIXVILLE, PA –Today at the Renaissance Academy, students in grades 3-5 were treated to an assembly by the National Theatre for Children called “The Energized Guyz: Powered Up”. During this 35-minute assembly which was sponsored by PECO, two professional actors performed a series of comedic and educational sketches on the topics of resource conservation and energy efficiency. The actors used the young audience suggestions, participation and improv to form a one-of-a-kind story to both educate and entertain the students. The program also includes grade-appropriate playbooks for each student, comprehensive teacher guides, internet activities and classroom posters.

The program coordinators contacted Lower School Principal, Christine Herman who then organized this assembly with the goal of making our students more aware of energy conservation and what it means to the future of our planet and the people who live here. “The assembly, which aligns with Pennsylvania science standards, was truly a fun way for our students to learn about energy efficiency.”

Kimberly Wheeles, 1st grade teacher said that her students had so much fun participating along with the play. “It was such a fun and interactive assembly. Our students laughed and learned about renewable resources and ways that we could save energy. We are so grateful for this fun, free presentation!” The play ended with the whole class helping “Nicki Neutron” defeat the energy villain by saying the slogan, "Open your eyes, be energy wise!"

According to their website, The National Theatre for Children has dedicated itself to teaching young students about important and timely issues since 1978. As the largest touring theatre company in the world, their tested and approved methodology reaches two million students every year.