Blue Ribbons for Middle School Reading Olympics

Blue Ribbons for Middle School Reading Olympics
Posted on 05/24/2017
Pictured: RA Middle School Reading Olympics TeamLast night the Knight Readers competed in the Middle School Reading Olympics competition at West Chester East High School. As a group, they read over 50 books and practiced memorizing key parts and trivia all year for the final competition against other schools. As a team they score over 70 points, well above the competition! The moderator said she had never seen a team score so many points.

Member of the RA Middle School Reading Olympics team include Harper Risch, Sabrina DiFiore, Mason Rittinger, Mason Hall, Talia Dorazio, Merrick Hall, Emily Dupre, Andrew Moretti, Kedaar Vyas, Owen Wright, Brenna Robinson, Elizabeth Krueger, Niral Bangha, Ronan Mullaney, and Zavier Wedderburn

Before the leaving for the event, the students met in the library for some team building exercises, testing their skills and ability to work together using marshmallows and toothpicks to build the tallest towers.

During the competition, Kedaar Vyas took on the responsibility of team captain and he held the responsibility of answering the questions asked by the moderators. He made sure to listen to all of the team members before making a decision on our final answer. Everyone on the team contributed to their success and they did an amazing job demonstrating that hard work and team work can really pay off.

Reading Olympics is a countywide reading event that encourages students to increase the quality and quantity of books they read for enjoyment. The Reading Olympics Program is based upon the belief that good reading habits form the foundation for a productive and successful life. This program is currently active in schools in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks, and Berks counties.