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 Welcome to Miss Albany's ELA Class

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 "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." 

Welcome to our ELA website! This site will be used to update you on all of the current happenings in our ELA class.  Please refer to the site often and check back if you have a question.  

Welcome to Miss Albany's 4th Grade ELA!

Family Times packet due Thurs. 11/30 (10 points)
(1 point taken off each day it is late and will not be accepted after 1 week)

Unit 2, Week 2 

Current Book: Coyote School News

Comprehension Skill: Draw conclusions

Current Grammar Skill Focus
: Regular plural nouns

Current Writing Mode

Current Spelling Words
: videos, feet, potatoes, themselves, lives, leaves, cliffs, men, halves, moose, radios, sheep, cuffs, beliefs, patios, children, tornadoes, tomatoes, hoofs, loaves

Mon. 11/20- Wk 2 Day 1
Tues. 11/21 - Wk 2 Day 2
Wed. 11/22 - No School
Thurs. 11/23 - Happy Thanksgiving!
Fri. 11/24 - No School


Wed. 11/29 - Spelling Test
Thurs. 11/30 - Weekly Assessment
Thurs. 11/30 - Packet due

To access the ELA book online: 
Go to: ELA website