Overview: The e-portfolio project takes place over the entire course of ELA 11 and is completed in increments on Google Classroom. This assignment allows you to build a valuable e-portfolio of resources that will aid you in the college application process. You will continue working with these assignments and your e-portfolio in your senior year. Documents are collected on Google Classroom, which will in turn save them into your Google Drive so that you can access them as needed during ELA 12 and your college application process next year. 

Important Notes: While there are grading deadlines for each assignment, you can work ahead and around your own scheduling needs. If you want to get a head start on an assignment that is due at a time of year that is particularly busy for you, you can always do so!

Extra Credit: You have the option of adding creative writing pieces to your portfolio for extra credit. Extra credit for this project can be submitted on any of the incremental due dates, along with the required portfolio assignment. Each set of creative writing submissions is worth 120 practice and reinforcement points. The assignment is available under each trimester on the extra credit page of the class website, as well as here: Autobiographical Creative Writing Options.doc

1. Autobiographical Incident Essay--due on 10/26 in Google Classroom:
Complete sections 1-6 in the document below to pre-plan your essay. Submit your final essay in Google Classrooms for grading. This essay is a 100 point formal assessment and is graded using the Narrative Essay Rubric.
Autobiographical Incident Essay.rtf

2. Positive Personal Profile--due on 12/18 in Google Classroom:
Read the article explaining the use and purpose of the Positive Personal Profile: ArticleExplainingPPP.pdf
Use this sheet to brainstorm and plan out your responses:
PositivePersonalProfile brainstorm GO.doc
Use this sheet for your final, submitted profile. It should be completed in paragraph form. This is what you will turn in for a grade: PPPWorksheet.doc
This assignment
is worth 85 practice and reinforcement points. Each completed section is worth 5 points, totaling 65 completion credits, and the overall profile is also graded for conventions using the Keystone Conventions Rubric (20 points). As long as your complete it thoroughly and using proper conventions, you will score 10%!

3. Self-Assessment Quizzes--due on 02/12 in Google Classroom:

Part I - Personality Quiz

 a. Complete this quiz (scoring is on the last page) to find your temperament/personality type: kiersey tempermant sorter.pdf
b. Click here to read about your type (see the list on the right to find your specific type).
c. After reading about your personality type, you will see a link titled "Best Job Fit for [your type]". Click on it and find your specific personality. Cut and paste the section that applies to you in the worksheet below.
d. Complete this worksheet. This is what you will turn in for a grade:  Keirsey Worksheet.docx

Part II - Independent Living  Quiz
a. Complete this quiz: Independent_living_concept_quiz.doc
b. Score yourself using the answer key: independent_living_Concept_Quiz_answer_key.doc
c. Complete the reflection on the last page of the quiz document. Submit this to Google Classroom for a grade.

The Keirsey Worksheet is worth 60 practice and reinforcement points (20 points per section). The Independent Living Quiz is worth 20 practice and reinforcement points (10 for completion and 10 for reflection). The total point value of this assignment is 80 practice and reinforcement points.

4. Brag Sheet--due on 04/08 in Google Classroom:

Type directly into the document in order to complete your brag sheet and upload it to Google Classroom for grading: Brag Sheet.docx

The brag sheet is 80 practice and reinforcement points (10 points per section, with section 9 being optional).

5. Letter of Recommendation Requests--due on 05/09 in Google Classroom:

Overview: Get 2 letters of recommendation. Include the completed cover page with each submission. Use the brag sheet you completed in April to complete this assignment. Make sure to log your letter submissions on the final page to ensure full credit.

Assignment: LOR assignment.docx

This assignment is worth 80 practice and reinforcement points total. Each letter is worth 40 points (10 points per paragraph), the cover sheet is worth 5 points and the log is worth 5 points.

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