Image of the Book, "Night"

Photo of the Author
Author, Weisel in concentgration camp
Another vintage Photo in the Concentration Camp
"...indifferent—for whatever reason—is to deny not only the
validity of existence, but also its beauty. Betray, and you are a man;
torture your neighbor, you’re still a man. Evil is human, weakness is
human; indifference is not." - Elie Wiesel, The Town Beyond the Wall

Introduction to the Novel, "Night":


Auschwitz Drone Fly-Over Video:





 Faith Chart
Survival Chart

Modern Connections:

Is Racism Still an Issue Today?

Map of Current Hate Groups

An Interesting Article About the Word "Ghetto"

Elections: Our class will be divided into historical parties for a debate. If you miss class that day, you may print out the worksheet and write a three paragraph persuasive argument for one party as an alternative make-up assignment.

The Question of Human Nature: The following documentary gives us a glimpse into how easily prejudice and hatred can form under certain social conditions. We will be watching, analyzing and responding to it in class after we finish the novel Night:

A Class Divided

Historical Context:

Hitler's Relationship with his mother


Notes to go Along with Eugenics

Milgram's Experiment:

Sociology Professor: Boycotting Exam Experiment

The Final Solution  

Understanding Six Million Deaths

Nazi Prop

Nazi Use of Propaganda:

Propaganda Techniques
Notes to go Along with Propaganda 

5 Poisonous Mushroom.pdf

Hitler's speech to German Youth
The only recording of Hitler's normal speaking voice
Dehumanization Notes

Dehumanization PPT


Notes to go along with Medical Experimentation:

A Mysterious Town:


Twin Survivors:

Oprah Winfrey Interview with Elie Weisel

A Family that survived the Holocaust in a cave:

ABC US News | World News


Liberation Footage:

Liberation of Auschwitz Footage

Internet Research Picture Project:
You will be asked to bring in a photograph from your life that you feel captures the essence and characteristics of your family or lifestyle. Pick one that you can use for a project, not a one of a kind, irreplaceable photo that you do not want to glue to construction paper.  

Use the following direct link to access the photo archive website referred to in your assignment sheet:

Photo Archives Online Catalog


A peek at the Museum:

Holocaust Museum Field Trip:
Field Trip Permission Slip: Placeholder TBD

Response after reading and viewing these modern day issues:
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