Research Paper - Senior Project

Senior Project Research Project​

Assignment Overview:


Tenth grade students will be completing their research paper on the issue that they have chosen for their Senior Project. This will give you the opportunity to do an in-depth and interdisciplinary research paper with real world applicability, and it will simultaneously allow you to get ahead on your senior project. By answering this specific prompt, you will have all of the information you need to finalize your written plan, begin initiating your project, and ultimately, you will have the information and written portion of the first part of your final paper and presentation, with a Works Cited page containing all of your sources. This will reduce your workload over this summer and in your junior year significantly, and allow you to assess and develop a realistic plan of action with in-class support.


Research Paper are completed in Google Classroom. You will be guided through this process step-by-step in class. All phases of the writing process are collected for grading, feedback and revision within Google Classroom. This site contains resources for each phase of research, writing and revision, but the actual assignments are posted in Google Classroom.

Credible and Reliable Sources:

A How to Guide (linked from the school library)


  1. In general, any URL that ends with .edu, .org or .gov is usually reliable.
  2. In general, any URL ending in .com is NOT reliable. However, if it has a Bibliography with reliable sources, you may use it.
  3. If the author can be proven to be a known expert or authority on your subject, you may use the source.

Senior Project Research Resources:

Library Databases for Statistics, Research and Articles:

Library Databases Page

Encyclopedia Britannica

World Book

Librarian Assistance

Power Library

Google Scholar

The Internet Public Library

Find Organizations and Plan:


Do Something


The Research Process:

Noodletools: (Notecards and Works Cited)

Note: I will walk you through setting up your free school account for Noodletools in class.

When and how to quote, paraphrase and summarize information:

Summarizing, Paraphrasing and Quoting Guide.pdf

The Writing Process:

On Google Classroom, you will find separate assignments for each phase of the writing process. The introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion paragraph are collected incrementally. Each section of the paper has a template provided to ensure you include all of the required aspects of quality writing. You will receive feedback and revise before your final paper is collected.

MLA Format:

Quick Check for Plagiarism:


Sample Annotated MLA Paper.pdf

Peer Editing:



Incremental Phases are worth the following credit:

Introduction Paragraph: 25 points (classwork)
Body Paragraphs: 75 points (classwork)
Conclusion Paragraph: 25 points (classwork)
Rough Draft with Works Cited Page: 100 points (practice & reinforcement)

The following rubric is how you will be graded for the final paper in the formal assessment category:

Final Paper Rubric: ResearchPaperRubric.docx

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