Life of Pi

Summer Work for Rising HELA 10 Students:

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 The materials needed for class are also listed in the summer reading packet. 

Extra Credit Opportunity:
Watch the film Life of Pi  and read this article. Write a paper that includes the following (100 point formal assessment essay grade):

  1. Summarize the differences between the film and the book.
  2. After watching the film and reading the book, which version had more of an impact on you personally and why?
  3. What is emphasized or omitted in each version? Does it change the meaning greatly or not? Why?
  4. Summarize the different cultural interpretations of the film.
  5. Which one aligns most closely with your own interpretation? Why do you think this is?
  6. Did any interpretation surprise you?

life of pi

Life of Pi Summer Reading Inquiry-Based Project
(This is what we will do in class in August):

Allegorical Timeline Project:

You will need to bring your allegorical timeline (completed as part of the summer work) to class in order to be prepared for the honors level assignment. You will be assigned a specific area of the allegory to investigate and analyze. You will then join a group in order to complete a project charting the larger allegory throughout the novel.

Group Assignment Packet Contains the project overview and rubric.

Individual Expert Assignments:

Anthropomorphism Question 

Symbolism Question 

Metaphor Question 

Allusion Question 

Storytelling Question 

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