Final e-Portfolio Project

Overview: The e-portfolio project takes place over the entire course of ELA 11, during flex period writing workshops, and is completed in increments on Google Classroom. This assignment allows you to build a valuable e-portfolio of resources that will aid you in the college application process and in completing your senior project. You will continue working on these assignments and your e-portfolio in your senior year. Documents are collected on Google Classroom, which will, in turn, save them into your Google Drive so that you can access them as needed during ELA 12 and your college application process next year. 

Extra Credit: You have the option of adding creative writing pieces to your portfolio for extra credit. Extra credit for this project can be submitted on any of the incremental due dates, along with the required portfolio assignment. Each set of creative writing submissions is worth 120 practice and reinforcement points. The assignment is available under each trimester on the extra credit page of the class website, as well as here (click on File and "Create a Copy" so you can edit your personal copy:  Autobiographical Creative Writing Options
Assignments are posted on Google Classroom, but the following overview is provided for students who like to see the big picture or to work ahead.

September: Positive Personal Profile 
Read the article explaining the use and purpose of the Positive Personal Profile: ArticleExplainingPPP.pdf. Use the "PPP Brainstorm & Worksheet" Doc in Google Classroom to brainstorm and plan out your responses! This assignment is worth 65 practice and reinforcement points (each completed section is worth 5 points).

October: Survey & Written Plans
Mrs. Powers will come in for one class period to survey students and discuss written plans. She will follow up with one on one conferencing during flex periods when you will be workshopping on finalizing an revising your written plan.

November: Self-Assessment Quizzes 
Part I - Independent Living  Quiz
Complete the quiz, score and the reflection on the last page of the document in Google Classroom. Part II - Personality Quiz Complete this quiz (scoring is on the last page) to find your temperament/personality type: kiersey tempermant sorter.pdf. You will be given a paper copy in class. Click here to read about your type (see the list on the right to find your specific type). Complete the reflection worksheet in Google Classroom.
The Keirsey Worksheet is worth 60 practice and reinforcement points (20 points per section). The Independent Living Quiz is worth 20 practice and reinforcement points (10 for completion and 10 for reflection). The total point value of this assignment is 80 practice and reinforcement points.

January: Brag Sheet
Type directly into the document in order to complete your brag sheet and submit in Google Classroom for grading.  The brag sheet is 70 practice and reinforcement points (5 points per section, with section 15 being optional).

February: Student Portfolio Websites
You will be creating a website portfolio that hosts your portfolio pieces, pictures, and a professional profile. In February, you will learn how to create and update your site. We will update it again in June and you will add to it your senior year. The website is worth 100 class work points. 

March: Elevator Pitch & Senior Project College Essay
The elevator pitch is a report on your senior project completed in front of administration and your junior class. We will spend two full class periods preparing your speech and practicing in ELA class before the formal event. 

The essay is completed during flex and is a 
100 point formal assessment and is graded using the Narrative Essay Rubric. Click here for several examples of successful college essays.

April: Letter of Recommendation Requests 
Overview: Get 2 letters of recommendation. Include the completed cover page and attach your brag sheet with each submission. Use the brag sheet you completed in April to complete this assignment. Make sure to log your letter submissions on the final page to ensure full credit.

This assignment is worth 85 practice and reinforcement points total. Each letter is worth 40 points (10 points per paragraph), the cover sheet and brag sheet attachments are worth 5 points and the log is worth 5 points. Letters will not be accepted without all of the required information, so make sure to complete them thoroughly.

May: Senior Project Slides & College Process Document
The Senior Project Slides are for your final Senior Project presentation in September of your senior year. The slides are your visual aid and include photos of your project and answer outline prompts that help you to structure your fifteen-minute presentation. We begin working on it in flex in May so that you can collect any remaining information needed before you present when you return in the fall. 

The College Process Document contains all of the information you will need during your college application process senior year. We use this form to collect and save the information that you will need to track down and repeatedly enter into the Common App and any other applications you complete. Starting this document at the end of junior year allows you time to gather the information in advance so that you have a stress-free and smooth experience when you return for senior year, which is busy enough!

June: Student Portfolio Websites
This is a final update to your website portfolio during class. You will add to it your senior year. The website is worth 100 class work points.

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