Mrs. Puco

Welcome to 6th Grade Math with Mrs. Puco!
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Exciting News:

Miss Hannah James Puco was born on March 18th!  While Mrs. Puco is away on maternity leave, Mr. Thomas Hankel will be teaching in her classroom.

Mr. Thomas Hankel

Thomas Hankel
6th Grade Math LTS
610-983-4080, ext. 194


Transportation Changes:

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This Week's Focus:  Algebra Review Week!

Next Test: Friday, 4/6

  • Order of Operations
  • Area & Perimeter
  • One Step Equations


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Best Ways to Study Math:

  • Complete Study Guide and check answers on review day.
  • Review Notes in the Interactive Notebook
  • Complete new practice problems in the Re-teach Section of the Workbook.
  • ASK QUESTIONS during Review Days!
  • Don't cram in studying in just one night!