10th Grade Health Syllabus

Upper School 2016-17 Health Syllabus


Contact Information:                                                           

   Teacher: Mr. Miller                                    

   Office:  Life Fitness Room 

   Extension:  185

   E-Mail:  Jordan.Miller@rak12.org                                                 


Course Objective:  This course is designed to teach the physical, mental and social aspects of health and daily living. You will be able to take the health concepts that you learn and apply them to your daily lives. 


Units Covered:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Tobacco
  3. Alcohol
  4. Drugs
  5. STDs/HIV
  6. Childbirth/Pregnancy
  7. Disabilities
  1. First Aid and Emergency



Classroom Policies/Procedures:


  • Be prepared for class!  Make sure you have pens, pencils, any homework, and your agenda and so on.  You will not be permitted to go to your locker during class.
  • Be on time. 
  • There will be a “Do Now” on the board everyday when you enter the classroom.  You are expected to enter the room and begin the assigned work immediately.
  • Bathroom breaks should be taken before or after class, not during. 
  • Agenda book must be with you for you to leave the classroom.  You may not share agendas.
  • Maintain school uniform- students will be compliance with the Dress Code
  • Phones, IPods, or other electronic devices are not allowed at anytime.
  • Homework and Projects- assignments must be ready and handed in the day they are due.  Assignments that are not handed in the day they are due will receive ½ off their grade.  If they are not handed in by the next class then you will receive a zero for the assignment
  • While You Were Out Bin – All missed work will be put in a class bin with your name on it.  If you miss class for any reason, you need to come in the next day you are back and check the bin for any missed work.  You are responsible for all missed work and to make sure it gets handed to me on time.
  • Notebook/Folder- All students should have a notebook/folder for this class.






Grades will be set up in the following way:


  • Formal Assessments = 50% of the trimester grade (tests and major projects)
  • Practice = 20% of the trimester grade (participation, Do Now’s, homework)
  • Classwork = 30% of the trimester grade (Quizzes, worksheets)




1st Trimester Exams:  (Nutrition/Tobacco/Alcohol)

2nd Trimester Exams:  (Drugs/STDs)

3rd Trimester Exams:  (Pregnancy/Childbirth/CPR)



Discipline Policy:


  • 1st offense – Verbal Warning
  • 2nd offense – Sent out of the room to the office
  • If serious actions occur (i.e. fighting, cursing, etc.) then you will be written up and will be sent to the Dean of Students.















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