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Kevin Zvorsky
            Director of Athletics
            Health Teacher
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 Health & Fitness

K-12th Field Day

Life Fitness
High School

High School

Athletics Director
This course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of fitness for life. The course is part lecture and part physical activity. Students will learn to evaluate their own fitness levels, design personalized workouts, and understand the benefits and techniques of weight training. Students who complete this course leave with requisite knowledge and skills needed for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.
Requirements: Students must wear sneakers/physical education uniform.
Credits: .5

The course explores the topics in health for today’s teenagers. Topics of study include tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs as well as sexually transmitted diseases, childbirth and pregnancy. Physical and social health is covered as well as dating violence, self-harm, body systems, nutrition and disabilities.
Core Text: Health Glencoe
Prerequisites/Conditions: Required course for all 10th grade students or transfer students without a health credit.
Credits: .5

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RA Athletics