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General K Info


Kindergarten Updates week of 1/16/18

  • Monday, January 15-No School

Upcoming Dates and Reminders

  • Monday, January 15 - No School
  • January 21-27 - School Choice week
  • January 23 - Ice Cream Social Night
  • January 27 - Science Fair
  • January 27 - Elementary Choir at Raymour and Flannigan
  • January 29-February 9 - Chocolate Rose Sale hosted by NHS. Students may purchase and send a chocolate rose to a special someone for a $1 (similar to the candy grams) 
  • January 30 - School Wide $1 Dress Down Day

Upcoming Learning for the week of 1/16/18

  • Reading - Not only is this an exciting week for the kindergartners but it is a milestone in their life-their first book to read on their own!  The Wet Dog will be read in class and with partners.  Green and Red words will be practiced throughout the week.  Don't forget to complete the read and respond form each night along with a parent signature.  Have fun!
  • Math - Writing and solving addition problems will continue to be our focus this week.  Just a friendly reminder to complete "On the Back" on the math homework each night.
  • Writing - Past tense verbs, distinguishing between fantasy and reality, and make believe will be our focus this week.
  • Social Studies - The idea of voting and what it means to us as individuals will be examined and practiced.  Also, living with freedom as well as the infamous Benjamin Franklin will be our objectives for this week.

Homework for the week of 1/16/18


Reading Homework

  • Monday - No School
  • Tuesday - Read The Wet Dog and complete Day 1 Read and Respond
  • Wednesday - Read The Wet Dog and complete Day 2 Read and Respond
  • Thursday - Read The Wet Dog and complete Day 3 Read and Respond
  • Friday - No Homework

Math Homework

  • Monday - No School - No Homework
  • Tuesday - Complete Reteach 6-5 and "On the Back"
  • Wednesday - No Homework
  • Thursday - Complete Reteach 6-7 and "On the Back"
  • Friday - No Homework