Dear Parents,
We hope that you are enjoying your first week of school at Renaissance Academy!   Below is information that you may find useful as you progress through the first year at RA.  Please feel free to ask your teacher about any of the information provided below. 


Attendance is recorded each day by 8:00 am.  If your child is late, he/she needs to check in at the Lower School office with you. If your child is leaving early, please write a note and place it in your child’s take home folder.  Your student must be picked up at the Lower School Office.

Students are not permitted to miss more than 15 days of school or they will be considered for retention in the current grade.

Color Rules

RA uses a color-based system across the classroom and fine arts spectrum.  Students learn the color rules and the meanings behind them as a means of modeling and enforcing appropriate behavior.

Red Rule-Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

Green Rule- Use kind words

Blue Rule- Use Active Listening

Purple Rule- Keep it clean and organized

Brown Rule- Be Safe

Rewards Used in the Classroom:

Caught Being Good tickets are distributed throughout the day by teachers and various staff.  Each Friday there is a Caught Being Good drawing and those students chosen are invited to lunch with an administrator.  A permission slip will go home with your child if his/her name has been drawn.

We also utilize positive phone calls as a reward for behavior.  You may receive the phone call at home or work during the school day.  Please inform your child’s teacher if you require an email instead of the phone call due to work conditions.  Additional positive rewards that are utilized may be: trip to treasure box, extra recess, lunch with the teacher, stickers, praise, and cheers.

Take Home Folders

Folders are sent home each day and are returned each morning.  You should remove your child’s work and communication from us each night so we know you have looked through the folder.  This is also the best place to put notes, money, or other communication.  We appreciate notes regarding changes, concerns, updates, etc.  Never feel that you’re providing too much information.

Please remember to write your child’s name on any notes you include or questions you have written down so that we can get them answered and returned to you. Also, when sending in money, please make sure it is in a sealed Envelope labeled with its purpose, child’s name, and teacher’s name.

Scholastic Book Club

Each month, your child will bring home a Scholastic Book Club Catalog.  Please look through the catalog and if you are interested in ordering books, please order on-line.  For every dollar spent, our classroom earns one point toward free books for the classroom.

Dress Down Days

Various times throughout the year, students are given an opportunity to dress down.  Dress down day costs $1.  The dates are listed on school calendar and we will let you know through the kindergarten pages on the rak12.org website. Please make sure your child’s money is in an envelope with their name on the front.  Dress down is optional.  Please keep in mind that there may be times when a certain grade/team will dress down but not others.  If your child comes to school dressed down on a day that our class/house is not dressing down, you will be contacted and required to bring the appropriate clothing. Refer to appropriate dress down attire in handbook.

Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear is available for purchase.  It may be worn on specific Spirit Wear Dress Down Day.  No additional fee will be collected on these days. Information on Spirit Wear will be sent home during the week of September 20th.  Please ask your teacher for a copy of the flyer if your child does not receive one.

Bathroom Policy

Your child needs to be able to take care of him/herself in the bathroom.  There is a bathroom in the classroom and we will take one or two group bathroom breaks throughout the day. Accidents do happen.  Please make sure to provide an extra set of weather appropriate clothes (including underwear and socks)


Grades are updates on how your child is doing in the current academic trimester.  Each week all electronic gradebooks will be updated and reflect accurate grades.  We ask that parents/guardians log onto the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to obtain this information.  If you do not have internet access and will need a paper copy of grades, you MUST inform your child’s teacher.


*If there are any changes in normal transportation home please provide a written note in your child’s take home folder for that day. We know that transportation changes arise during the day, so feel free to call your child’s teacher and/or aide before 2:00 pm.

After 2:30 pm you Must have Voice Contact with the classroom teacher, aide or office staff to ensure your child is placed correctly in the car line or on the bus. If we do not hear from you then we are required to follow the transportation plan that you initialized at the beginning of school.


Snack occurs each day in the classroom at the classroom’s scheduled time.  Please refer to your teacher’s class schedule for exact times. .  Please provide your child with a nutritious snack that is kept in their cubby.  Do not place it in their lunchbox as they may eat it during lunch.  Snack time is limited to 10 minutes.  Teachers do not provide snack.  Drinks are restricted to water.

SLC Conferences

SLC stands for Student Learning Contract; this is a report that states how your child is doing within each subject area.  The SLC  shows your child’s grade, a summative report on what was studied during the trimester, and an individual comment about how well your child is doing within that subject area.  SLCs will be held mid-trimester so your child has the opportunity to achieve his/her goal before the end of the trimester.  Within this trimester you will receive information on how to sign up for an SLC conference. Each SLC conference is 20 minutes and it revolves around your child; use the time to focus on your child’s strengths and weaknesses.   You are expected to come with your child to all SLC conferences.  Your child will also bring home a goal sheet.  This goal is your child’s goal; identify something they struggle with at school.  Use this goal setting time as an opportunity to discuss how your child is doing in school.

Map Testing

Beginning learners enter school with a wide variety of experiences.  At R.A. we wish to capitalize on these experiences and identify the strengths and weaknesses in your child early on so that we can establish an environment of academic success.  Early identification of a student’s achievement level is essential for teachers which is why Renaissance Academy uses the CPAA (Children’s Progress Academic Assessment) assessment from NWEA.

The Map assessment is a computerized assessment tool that uses audio to test students in reading and math.  In kindergarten this assessment may be given multiple times during the year. This information, along with the Map scores, help us create a lesson that is tailored to your child’s needs.

Students may be given additional practice on a skill or higher level assignments based upon these scores.  Since these scores are helpful to the teacher and student, please discuss with your child the importance of trying their best when taking this assessment.

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