Mrs. Qureshi

Welcome to Mrs. Qureshi's Classroom

Amanda QureshiAmanda Qureshi
1st/2nd Grade Teacher
610-983-4080 ext. 194

Exciting News:

Miss Elaina Ann Qureshi was born on February 12th!  While Mrs. Qureshi is away on maternity leave, Ms. Amy Guarino will be teaching in her classroom.

Amy GuarinoAmy Guarino
2nd Grade LTS
610-983-4080, ext. 194

Miss Guarino has been teaching in a kindergarten classroom at RA since 2016.

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • 2/16-fun Friday
  • 2/19-NO SCHOOL
  • 2/23-Crayola Factory field trip

English Language Arts

This Week in ELA: 

Unit 3, week 2

Students will read "Anansi Goes Fishing."

Their spelling words are: basketball, weekend, birthday, bathtub, driveway, raindrop, someone, something, riverbank, backyard, bedtime, mailbox. The tests will be on 2/12.

Unit 3, week 4

Students will read "Rosa and Blanca."

Their spelling words are: find, bright, right, cry, child, wild, flight, blind, sky, fly, spider, myself. The tests will be on 2/22.


  • Reading Log
  • Things to practice at home: When your child is reading to you, stop them at the end of each page/paragraph and ask them to retell what it was about. Make sure they answer in complete sentences with details.

​ELA General:

Students will bring their ELA bag, orange folder, and agenda back and forth to school each day. Their homework will be a reading log each night. I would like them to read for 10-20 minutes per night. Please write the date, title, and sign that they did indeed read.


This week in Math:

  • Current Topic- Unit 8-Money and Time


  • Mon- 8-6
  • Tues-8-7
  • Wed-8-8
  • Thurs-review due and test tomorrow
  • Fri-none
    • Test Date and Review Due: 2/16​

Math General:

Homework assignments will be listed on our website and in your child's agenda each day. Each night, students will have the option to complete math homework online OR to do the worksheet sent home.

**If you would like to see the teaching videos, workbook pages, etc. for each lesson for extra support, please do the following:

  1. Log into math website
  2. Click the box for second grade math
  3. Select the unit/topic we are on
  4. Select the lesson we are on (this corresponds with their homework)
  5. I usually post the homework on Friday for the following week if they would like to start it over the weekend and make the weeknights a little less hectic!

Science/Social Studies

This week in Science/Social Studies:

Current Science Unit: Earth's Materials

  • Mon- rock experiment
  • Tues- soil experiment
  • Wed- Compassion Day party
  • Thurs- How does soil help plants?
  • Fri- fun Friday 
​Review due and test on:

Interactive Science, Math and ELA:

Helpful/Fun Websites: