RA Emails March-July 202


July 31, 2020 at 3:00 PM EDT

Good Afternoon

As we prepare to enter the month of August you have likely been seeing, hearing, and reading much about the reopening of schools in our area and across the nation. While all of our sending districts have not yet made their final determination we are working to ensure that RA is prepared and ready to kick-off the school year in the best way possible given the challenges we are facing.

I feel I must take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the community of RA. The decisions of the past (almost!) six months have been riddled with emotion, fear, and fact. The unceasing effort of our Trustees and our staff to remain focused on what must be done and what cannot be changed has been inspirational. The support of our families has been no less encouraging. I KNOW that everyone is not ‘happy’ with everything that has happened or what plans for the future may bring, but the acknowledgment that we are doing our best is what truly matters.

It may sound like a bit of a broken record, but I will echo what many others have shared: None of us signed up for this, not one employee or student involved with RA asked for this. We are not trying to change the mission of our school and we are not trying to become a Cyber School…. There are plenty of experts already doing that! Our goal remains to eventually return to our ‘way’ of doing things; hopefully having learned how to do to them even better!

Below you will find some answers to the questions that we are ready and able to answer. More information will continue to come to you in the coming weeks. We will also be hosting a live meeting for our families in the evening on August 10, 2020. Details about accessing this meeting will be forthcoming. We will also provide a recording of the meeting for anyone who cannot attend.

If you have not yet watched the meeting held last week, during which our board members made determinations and were able to provide some answers you may wish to do so. The link for that meeting is below.

All the Best,
Dr. Guarino Buli

Hot Topics (FAQs)

Q: Do I need to buy school supplies for online learning?

A: Your child will need supplies to participate in their learning. An updated list of items is being crafted by a group of the teaching staff. If you have not yet bought supplies, we suggest you wait until the ‘at home’ list is shared. If you already purchased a Staples Kit, you will still receive and be able to use this!

Q: When / how do we get our Chromebook, textbooks, other items needed?

A: Lower School Families will be receiving a sign-up to come WITH their child for pick-up of items. For some younger children, this will include orientation to some of the materials as well as computer basics needed. Stay tuned!

Upper School Students will have an assigned day for attendance at school (in safe numbers for limited time spans) during which they will receive textbooks, materials, syllabus, etc. from their teachers.

*If your child or a family member is immunocompromised and CANNOT come to school for one of the above the principals will make arrangements with you directly.

Q: Do I need to buy uniforms for online learning?

A: A uniform is required for any onsite activity (such as above) so it is advisable to have a small stock. If your child is signed up for the ‘Supervision’ option [k-6 only] they will be required to attend in uniform.

Q: What is the student’s daily schedule in the online learning plan?

A: Students will have a daily schedule from 8:00-3:30 pm. This DOES NOT mean they will be on the computer the entire time but they will have daily expectations and routines. Specific schedules by grade/age group will be shared in the next few weeks.

Q: When will my child know who their teachers are / what classes they are taking?

A: The published schedule will be visible on Skyward August 10, 2020. Prior to that date information is subject to change.

Q: What if my student needs to change a class? (Mostly applicable to Upper School students)

A: A Drop-Add Period will occur on August 11, 2020, & August 12, 2020 - virtual options. 

Summer Information

Please check back frequently as this page will be updated as needed throughout the summer.  RA Summer 2020 Information Page



Some of our students have recently received yearbooks in the mail, while others have not. We are getting to the bottom of this mystery!

Apparently, Jostens, the yearbook company mistakenly mailed many of our books. While we did not ask for or pay for this service… it got done! The company is in the process of working with our Yearbook Advisors to mail the rest of the books; Upper School and Lower School, as a courtesy to our families. You should not need to pick up a book and can anticipate one arriving in the mail.

For specific questions or issues please contact our Yearbook Advisors:

Lower School: Lisa.Swiggard@rak12.org

Upper School: anna.schenkel@rak12.org

From the School Nurse:

*Note - Regardless of the online learning plan for the start of our year the PADOH still requires the mandatory immunizations for school-age children. The required immunization list can be found on the July 3rd email below.

There is a 5-day grace period at the start of the school year during which you will need to provide proof of immunization or proof of a scheduled appointment.

Repeat Information:

The following items were included in this communication as Repeated Information from previous emails (as a reference):

From July 3rd Email (below)
  • 2020 Medical Information from the Nurse 
From May 29th Email (below):
  • Busing Information
  • Moving Instructions

July 24, 2020 at 8:26 AM EDT

Parents / Guardians of K-6th Grade:

As you have likely heard or read, RA will be starting the year off as in a FULLY ONLINE learning model. We know that this change will bring about many questions and we are working to develop detailed plans for you. In the meantime, here are some facts about the plan for our Lower School.

All students K-12 will be learning remotely to start the year.

All students K-12 will receive a chrome book from RA, you do not need to purchase a computer.

Supervision on site will be for K-6th Graders

  • Hours - Regular school day hours of 8:00-3:30, following the RA Calendar.
  • Days - 5-day a week expectation, commitment required.
  • Transportation - We are working with districts to secure transportation, you may also drive your child or have them walk if you live close by.
  • Meals - Breakfast & Lunch will be served for the regular cost; Free / Reduced benefits will apply to eligible students.
  • Recess /Breaks - These will be built into the daily schedule to allow for movement, socialization, and hygiene needs.
  • Supervision - Will be provided by RA Staff and Teachers.
  • Rules / Dress Code - RA Code of Conduct and required dress code is the expectation while on campus.

Please fill out this survey to notify the staff of your intention to use the Supervision Model while your child is receiving online learning. This response is required to secure your child's space, plan for staffing, and notify district transportation. If your situation should change we will require a 10-day notice to ensure we can provide adequate staffing and transportation needs.

You MUST be registered with your sending district’s transportation department if you require transportation via the school bus.

This selection DOES NOT affect the delivery of your child's educational program, teaching staff or learning support. This survey is to secure on an on-site supervision commitment only.