Hoops for Hope at the Renaissance Academy

Hoops for Hope at the Renaissance Academy
Posted on 09/04/2014
Tournament play action

Phoenixville, PA -- On Friday, August 29th, Renaissance Academy students, staff and alumni squared off in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament at the Charlestown Park, Phoenixville, PA.

The event was a fundraiser benefiting the art program at The Timothy School, which is a non-profit school for children with autism located in Berwyn, PA.  Fourteen teams of three each paid $6 per team to participate in the tourney.  Student spectators also paid $1 each to cheer on their favorite teams.  This exciting fundraiser raised over $250 toward the art program at The Timothy School.

Organizing the tournament was Renaissance Academy senior, Matthias Perry of Norristown, PA, who visited The Timothy School last spring for his senior project.  During his visit, Matthias conducted a group art activity with the students and found that the school could really use additional art supplies to enhance their students’ experience.

When asked how he got involved with The Timothy School, Matthias said that the idea for his project really began two summers ago when, while working on a wall mural in Philadelphia, he met an artist with autism.  He was impressed with the artist’s skills and ability to take a mental snapshot of whatever subject the artist was painting.  “So often people think of autistic individuals as impaired and do not realize that they can also be extremely gifted and able to contribute so much to our world.  I wanted to play a part in raising this awareness and help bring the opportunity to create art to others.”

The tournament was played in two divisions, 7th-9th grade and 10th-12th grade, with seven teams in each division.  The top team in the 7th-9th grade division was Marcus Stokes, Kadrian Hill and Tyrese Leach.  The 10th-12th grade bracket was won by Tyre Perry, Joshua Box and Joshua Gonzales.   After the tournament brackets were played, the winners also had the opportunity to play teams of staff members and Renaissance alumni.

Matthias was pleased with the day saying, “The day went even better than I expected.  It seemed like everyone had a great time and I am truly grateful to all of the students and staff members who supported this day.”

Claire Powers, who has been the Senior Projects Coordinator at RA for over 13 years,  said, “Anyone who believes that the youth of today are not interested in making the world a better place have never met the dedicated students of the Renaissance Academy.  Year after year, these students continue to amaze me with their compassion and ability to use their personal interests to help others in the community and around the world.”  Mrs. Powers went on to say that, “this is a perfect example, with Matthias using his love for art to help support an art program for children with special needs.”