RA Boys Club Day Strengthens Community Spirit

RA Boys Club Day Strengthens Community Spirit
Posted on 03/26/2014
Mr. Cosme's fort can't same him during "Jail Break"

Phoenixville, PA – On Saturday, March 22, 2014, the second annual Boys’ Club Game Day was held at the Renaissance Academy Charter School, Phoenixville, PA.   Renaissance boys in grades 3-6 were invited to attend and encouraged to bring along a male family member or adult family friend who they consider to be a good role model.  The purpose of this club is to afford the boys an opportunity to come together and enjoy time with each other, family members, and male teachers.
During this free event, attendees played a variety of games such as basketball, dodge ball, hockey, soccer, “Jail Break”, and “Capture the Flag”; as well as worked together to complete a service project for the community.

The Boys’ Club Game Day was formed by a group of male staff members at Renaissance who wanted to build stronger, more positive relationships within the school and in the community, while fostering a positive outlook and strong self-esteem in the boys.  One of the club originators, Dan Rufo, 3rd Grade Teacher said, “Last year this event was very well received by the over 50 people who attended.  This, we had over 61 students and adults registered, so we expect this program to continue to grow and expand.”

Along with Mr. Rufo, the club was founded by Renaissance staff members Manny Savignano, Science Teacher; Erik Ness, High School History and Varsity Baseball Head Coach; and David Cosme, Achievement Director who said that he is really excited to (once again) be a part of this fun day.  “"We saw a need for the boys to feel more connected to the school, staff, and each other.  Additionally, holding a non-academic event designed with the purpose of having fun together is a great way for the male students, their families, and staff to connect."

Quincy Lee, 5th grade student said that his favorite part of the day was the traditional event-closer, the “Ultimate Dodge Ball” game.  Mr. Lee went on to say that he thought, “it was a very well-planned day with lots of different games and no time to be bored.”