Up All Night at the RA 5th-6th Grade Lock-In

Up All Night at the RA 5th-6th Grade Lock-In
Posted on 03/11/2014
Lock-In Fun!

PHOENIXVILLE, PA – Renaissance Academy 5th and 6th grades students may never look at their school, or even each other, the same way again.  On Friday, March 7th, nighty-eight Renaissance Intermediate Academy students spent the night participating in activities focusing on team-building and just plain fun at the inaugural 5th-6th Grade Lock-In.

The Lock-In was organized by the Renaissance Lower School Guidance and Student Support Departments.  “The goal of this event was to create activities which would promote friendship and unity among attending students,” said Melissa Laurento, Guidance Counselor and creator of the Lock-In.  “We wanted to enhance this age group’s student-life experience with a fun event which they (as well as younger students) will look forward to in their 5th and 6th grade years.”

The 5th and 6th graders began the fun after school at 3:00 pm with a lively game of “Jail Break”, then moved on to a chicken wing eating contest and dinner.  Kathryn Guevin, 6th grade student, said that her favorite part of the night was the RA “Wing Bowl” contest, during which her contestant favorite, Mr. Rufo was declared the victor.  She also said, “The experience has helped me and my classmates grow closer.”

After dinner, the students participated in a variety of crafts, games, dancing, movie time, as well as a “RA Idol” karaoke session and “RA Great Race” scavenger hunt.  Sixth grader Alexander Waskiewicz said that the best things about the Lock-In were the “Jail Break” game and the “Wing Bowl”.  Mr. Waskiewicz went on to say, “I really enjoyed working together with my fellow students during the team-building activities."

The students left their school at 8:00 am the next morning.  Some students were tired, some were still excited from the night, but all seemed to have a really good time.  Shari Cissel, Counselor and one of the event organizers said, “It was truly a great evening where students, staff, and parents not only had fun, but walked away with a better understanding of each other.”