Boys' Club Night Fun

Boys Club Night Fun
Posted on 01/19/2017
Boys' Club Night 2017Phoenixville, PA – On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, RA continued with the tradition from previous years by hosting a Boys' Club event. Renaissance Academy boys in grades 3-6 were invited to attend and encouraged to bring along a male family member or adult family friend who they consider to be a good role model. The purpose of this free event is to afford the boys an opportunity to come together and enjoy time with each other as well as male family members and teachers.

The over 50 attendees participated a variety of activities such as Gaga dodge ball, “Jail Break”, and ultimate kick ball as well as spent time just laughing and eating pizza together. 6th grader, Andrew Moretti said he really enjoyed the night and is glad he chose to attend. While his favorite activity was the dodge ball game, he said that “the Boys' Club Day is about more than just having fun. It is about learning to cooperate with others and spending time with friends.” This is the second Boys' Club event that Andrew has attended and he said that he would definitely like to help out in the future as an older student.

The Boys’ Club Game Day was formed by a group of male staff members at Renaissance who wanted to build stronger, more positive relationships within the male population at the school and in the community while fostering a positive outlook and strong self-esteem in the boys.

RA staff organizers of the event included Gabriel Soffer (ESL teacher, David Cosme (Student Achievement Director), Craig Gibson (Student Support Specialist). “I truly look forward to the Boys’ Club events,” said Mr. Soffer. “It was another amazing time with great fun being had by all. I am very impressed by how many men came to and participated in all of the activities during the night.”

A number of Renaissance Academy high school boys also came out to volunteer and help with the night. Senior, Bayan Toloubadei said he found it remarkable to watch the interaction between the boys and men, whether playing games or just hanging together talking. “It was great not only to see the kids having fun but also seeing the dad’s bringing out their inner child to enjoy the night.”