Safety and Visitor Information


  • All visitors must check in at the Upper School office, where they will be asked to present a government photo ID.
  • Any parent wishing to visit their students’ class should call ahead to make arrangements with the classroom teacher or administrator.
  • A visitor ID must be worn at all times.
  • Renaissance Academy encourages parents to be active in the learning process but also realizes excessive parent traffic at school can be disruptive to the learning environment. The school tries to strike a balance between an open door policy and maintaining an optimum learning environment. Please assist us in this.

Snow/Emergency Closings

There are a number of ways to determine if the administration has decided to delay the opening of or close the school. You should access at least two of these ways for the most accurate and up to date information.Snow Falling Animated Graphic

  1. RA will send out a Blackboard bulletin to your contact phone numbers and email addresses.
  2. Listen to KYW News Radio 1060 AM or (Channel 3, Channel 6 Channel 10 on the television) for the latest updates. Our school number is 941.
  3. You can also check online with KYW at Once again, look for our closing number, 941.
  4. Check online with and These are the local ABC and NBC News affiliates (Channel 6 and Channel 10) websites. Here they list the closings alphabetically by school name.
  5. WPVI (local television Channel 6), NBC 10(local television Channel 10) and CBS (local television Channel 3) also broadcasts the school closings in the morning by running a banner at the bottom of the TV screen. Renaissance Academy will be listed under the Chester County schools. (There is a Renaissance Academy in the city of Philadelphia. Make sure you don't confuse the two schools.) 
  6. You may call the school at 610-983-4080 to listen to the pre-recorded message.

If the school is closed or dismisses early due to weather, all Renaissance Academy after school activities will also be canceled (unless otherwise stated).

Limerick Information

The Renaissance Academy has developed an emergency plan to protect the students in the event of an incident at the Limerick Generating Station.  Every effort will be made to close the school in the event that an incident occurs outside of school hours; however, plans have been developed to address any situations occurring while school is in session. For the plan to be effective, the Renaissance Academy needs your cooperation.

In the event that sheltering is directed

  1. Students will remain within the school building they attend.
  2. Student dismissal will be delayed until the directive is lifted.
  3. Dismissal times will be announced by radio.
  4. Please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PICK UP YOUR CHILDREN at the school because it is important to remain inside IF DIRECTED TO SHELTER.
  5. No student will be dismissed into the Emergency Planning Zone until the emergency is over and/or parents can assume responsibility.

In the event that evacuation is directed

  1. Students will be safely transported to a "HOST" school district.
  2. The "host" school district is West Chester. Students will be transported to the Stetson Middle School, located on Route 202, just south of West Chester, PA.
  3. Parents or legal guardians are requested to pick up their children at the "host" school.
  4. Please do not attempt to pick up your children at the Renaissance Academy. It is important that school driveways and access are kept clear for evacuation purposes. In addition, it is difficult to keep a current and accurate school census while preparing to evacuate.
  5. During the entire process, the students will remain under the supervision of the school staff. Meals will be provided for the students.
  6. Students will only be released to parents, legal guardians or individual having prior approval (see attached authorization form). It is vital that you return the accompanying authorization form for our files.
  7. After 8:00 p.m., if students remain to be picked up, they will be transported to a mass care center operated the American Red Cross. Students will continue to be supervised until parents arrive at the facility. Their designated mass care center is Downingtown East High School on Route 113 in Lionville, PA.
  8. Do not rush, drive safely. The "host" and "mass care center" schools are located near designated evacuation routes.

Important emergency information can be located in the public service sections of the telephone book. Emergency Information will also be broadcast over WGMP 1201 AM, WPHE 690 AM and WCOJ 1420 AM.

Please Note: In the event that a SITE AREA EMERGENCY is declared at the Limerick Generating Station prior to 6:00 a.m. on a school day, the Renaissance Academy will cancel school for the day and monitor the situation to determine when school will reopen. The public will be advised through the normal process (radio and newspapers).