Intermediate Academy (5th-6th)

Academic Program
Intermediate Academy (5th-6th)Intermediate Grade Students

Students in the Intermediate Academy are beginning to find their independence with the learning process. Students continue to be grouped academically for reading and math instruction. The Intermediate Academy program is designed to equip students with everything they need to make a smooth and successful transition into the Junior Academy.

(70 Minutes daily)

Instruction stresses computation, explanation, and a full range of mathematics, including numbers and operations, geometry, measurement and data, and operations and algebraic thinking. To teach math at this level we use the Pearson EnVision curriculum, a research-based program proven to raise achievement levels through a series of topics set-up to reflect the PA Core Standards. Daily integrated intervention and powerful test prep help all students master the PA Core Standards and prepare for high-stakes assessments

English–Language Arts--Writing
(75 minutes daily)

Reading is taught in classes where all students are working at the same reading level. Houghton Harcourt provides an engaging learning environment designed to help English Language Arts students successfully achieve the PA Core State Standards. Elements of Language emphasizes the reading of real-world, informational texts, with content, activities, and resources to help students succeed when learning the mechanics of spelling, punctuation and grammar usage. Step Up To Writing is a writer’s work-shop approach which emphasizes the stages through which writers advance with a piece of writing: pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing then publishing a final draft.

(75 minutes every other day)

Pearson Interactive Science materials feature an innovative write-in student book that makes learning personal, relevant and engaging while allowing students to become active participants in their learning and connect the Big Ideas of science to their world. Students in grade 5 focus on general science topics while students in grade 6 hone in on earth science.

Social Science
(75 minutes every other day)

Our project-based proprietary program emphasizes the use of literature in social science instruction combined with supplemental informational text resources. Harcourt curriculum materials are used; however, projects (individual and group) and activities are often cross-curricular and are guided by a multicultural perspective and respect for diversity. In addition, students learn geography using their map and globe skills through the Nystrom map curriculum materials.

Student Achievement Period (SAP)
(20 minutes daily)

This period is dedicated for students to work toward his/her fullest potential, be sufficiently challenged, and receive any academic help that they may need. Students are grouped by their academic schedule and are instructed on specific math, reading and science weak skills. Each student will receive instruction on his/her level and according to individual needs. Students will remain in grade level groupings on a rotating basis as part of their daily schedule.

World Language
(40 minutes every other day)

Beginning in Kindergarten, students acquire a second language by learning conversation and culture with the long-term goal of being able to communicate fluently in Spanish. Students are grouped based on their language acquisition and experience with the Spanish language.

Fine Arts
(40 minutes every three days)

Music, visual art and drama (grade 6) are presented as a combination of history, performance, appreciation and practice.

(Grade 6 - 40 minutes every three days)

Students learn the skills for proper keyboard technique to thrive in this digital world. Students are also exposed to word processing, PowerPoint presentations and publications such as brochures and advertisements.

Physical Fitness and Health
(Grade 5 - 40 minutes every three days)

The Dynamic Physical Education curriculum focuses on healthful nutrition and developmentally appropriate objectives in the area of speed, flexibility, endurance, strength and agility.

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