Kindergarten Academics

Building Blocks for Educational Success

Our objective for kindergarten is to provide a well rounded educational experience that fosters all types of learners. We strive to provide a caring, positive learning environment that promotes success in academics and socialization.

We look forward to fostering this relationship with your child. It is a full-day, academic kindergarten.


The first half of the school year utilizes the Stepping Stones program. is program exposes students to letter-sound connections, blending, and breaking words down into their individual sounds.Success For All KinderRoots begins in January and practices beginning reading skills.


Pearson enVisionmath2.0 is aligned to the PA Core Standards and is a comprehensive mathematics program. It offers the flexibility of print, digital, or blended instruction. Pearson enVisionmath2.0 provides the focus, coherence, and rigor. Project-based learning,visual learning strategies, and extensive customization options empower every teacher and student.

Language Arts

The goal of McGraw-Hill is to build effective communicators through a balance of grammar and writing. Students will obtain the skills necessary for personal expression.

Social Studies

Harcourt is focused on meeting Pennsylvania standards by focusing on history, economics, geography, civics, and government through stories, interactive activities, role playing, and classroom discussions.


Pearson Interactive is an inquiry based curriculum that integrates textbook knowledge with cooperative learning activities. Students will be discussing high order Bloom’s taxonomy questions while conducting interesting and engaging activities that support the lesson. Cooperative learning skills will be practiced throughout the lessons.

World Language

Kindergartners attend Spanish class two times per Fine Arts cycle. Classes focus on conversation and vocabulary, with the long goal of becoming a fluent communicator in Spanish.

Fine Arts

Two Fine Arts classes daily, including Art, Physical Education, and Music Class.  Kindergartners also visit the Library once a week, which fosters a lifelong love of reading.

Character Education

Our core values of Integrity, Respect, Justice, Hope, Courage, Compassion, Wisdom, and Responsibility are stressed school-wide to provide all students with the tools needed to become positive citizens of their communities and the world.

Kindergarten Fun

Our Kindergarten school day is broken into specific time increments to work with a young learner’s attention span and to maximize information retention!

Sample Kindergarten Schedule

8:00-8:10 Greetings, Readings, & Writing
8:10-8:30 Morning Meeting
8:30-9:20 Stepping Stones/Kinder Roots
9:20-9:50 Math
9:55-10:15 Bathroom Break/Snack
10:40-11:20 Fine Arts
11:25-12:05 Fine Arts
12:10-12:20 Bathroom Break
12:20-12:50 Lunch
12:50-1:10 Recess
1:15-1:45 Rest/Calendar/ELA tutoring
1:45-2:10 Science/Social Studies
2:15-2:30 Story Tree
2:30-3:15 Learning Labs
3:15-3:30 Pack Up and Dismissal

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