Choir Participation Rubric

Chorus Participation Rubric



  • Completely prepared with all music and a pencil
  • Consistently follows rehearsal procedures
  • Demonstrates knowledge of music being performed
  • Performs consistently with correct posture and technique
  • Follows conductor cues
  • Helps others stay on task
  • Demonstrates Core Values/Code of Conduct




  • Prepared with most items needed
  • Follows rehearsal procedures
  • Performs music at an adequate level
  • On task (one reminder to stay on task)
  • Performs with correct posture when reminded
  • Follows most conductor cues
  • Follows Code of Conduct




  • Unprepared
  • Needs reminders of rehearsal procedures
  • Would benefit from more consistent practicing
  • Occasionally off task (two reminders to stay on task)
  • Needs reminders of Core Values/Code of Conduct




  • Rehearsal procedures are not followed
  • Little knowledge of music being performed
  • Frequently off task (three or more reminders to stay on task)
  • Rarely demonstrates Core Values/Code of Conduct




  • Sent out of room




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