Middle School General Music Syllabus

General Music Syllabus! 


  •  Identify the genre or style and the historical period or culture of a variety of works.
  •  Justify the identification of a genre in terms of form, instrumentation, rhythm, melody, harmony or texture, and expressive devices.
  • Analyze the aesthetic meaning of a variety of works.
  •  Comment on the musical means by which the work conveys feeling, emotion, and meaning.
  • Create an original work in Garageband using the principles of form and style.


  • This class is participation based.  Therefore, participation is an important part of a successful learning experience.
  • Come to class on time, in uniform, with a pencil, ready to learn.
  • Absolutely, no food, drinks, candy, or gum in the music room.
  • Attitude is EVERYTHING! Your positive attitude helps create a great class for everyone!
  • Follow the code of conduct and core values.
  • Complete all work to the best of your ability.
  • If you miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to speak to the teacher after class to recover any missed assignments.  


50 % Formal Assessment

Tests, papers, and formal class performances

50% Classwork

Journal entries, worksheets, informal performing of practiced skills, Do Nows, and participation/attendance/behavior.  Students will receive a weekly participation grade.

**PLEASE NOTE**  If, at any point, a student receives a grade (other than a participation grade) that is not satisfactory, he or she may re-do the assignment before the end of the trimester for full credit!!!!  It is the students' responsibility to re-do the assignment during his/her free time or at home.

I have thoroughly read the General Music Syllabus and will follow the stated expectations every day!

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This signed syllabus is to be returned for a grade by Friday TBD.

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