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Ballet DancerNarissa WescottMrs. Wescott, Dance Director
Dance Director
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Image of Ballet Dancer
Image of Ballet Dancer

General Dance - Middle School

Objective: Students will master skills in Modern, Jazz, and Hip Hop dance through this class. Students will improve flexibility, movement dynamics, rhythm, and general technique. Students will also explore dance history and basic kinesiology. All students in this class will participate in the Spring Dance Concert on March 24, 2016! There will be one performance during the school day and one in the evening. 

Prerequisite: PE Uniform 
Credits: .5

Ballet - Middle School

Objective: Students will thrive in ballet technique through this program. Students will focus on ballet terminology, performance qualities, counting musical patterns, flexibility, strength, and ballet history. Students will learn and demonstrate movements at the ballet barre, in center work, and moving across the floor. All students will work safely in preparing for class, taking the class, and recovering from class.

Prerequisites: PE Uniform, Pink canvas or leather ballet shoes
*Pointe shoes not required!
Credits: .5

Pilates & Yoga - Middle School

Objective: Students will strengthen themselves physically through this Pilates regimen. Students will strengthen themselves mentally through this Yoga regimen. Students will learn the history of both Pilates and Yoga first so that the practices are understood and appreciated. Students will master muscular and skeletal anatomy and then apply that knowledge to isolated exercises and movement combinations. Students will master balance, control, flexibility, relaxation, and strength specifically in the core, arms, back, and legs. Students will exhibit safe fitness practices before, during, and after class.

Prerequisites: PE Uniform
Credits: .5

Zumba - High School

Objective: Students will improve and maintain fitness levels through cardiovascular and strengthening exercises in Zumba. Students will further investigate sculpting, toning, and strengthening exercises through occasional Barre regimens to supplement Zumba work. Students will understand how to dance and how to move on the rhythm with the music. They will master techniques of Zumba dancing, including Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and African dance. The class will explore other health and fitness-related topics such as nutrition, kinesiology, and injury prevention. Students will exhibit safe fitness procedures in preparation, during, and after Zumba class.

Prerequisites: PE Uniform & Sneakers
Credits:  .5



Dance Technique & Composition - High School

Objective: Students will primarily focus on dance technique, performance qualities, and choreography tools in this class. Students will also touch upon subjects of dance history, kinesiology, and dance-on-film. Each class will include rigorous exercises and drills in the center and across the floor geared towards a strong technical foundation. As the class progresses, students will learn various combinations meant to challenge not only technique but performance qualities. Lastly, the class will discuss and investigate choreographic tools to create their own dances, applying both their technique and performance qualities. All students in this class will participate in the Spring Dance Concert on March 24, 2016! There will be one performance during the school day and one in the evening.

Prerequisite: PE Uniform; Dance Shoes Optional
Credits: .5

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