Mission/Vision Statements

RA Foundation Document Realignment

Over the last two years, the Renaissance Academy’s Board of Trustees Strategic Planning Committee, along with other Renaissance stakeholders have met and taken positive steps toward planning for and meeting the school-wide goals for RA’s future. This has let to the These steps have led to the revision of our Mission Statement and Vision Statement, as well as the creation of the Profile of a Graduate.  Learn More About this Exciting Development

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Renaissance Academy is to be a diverse-minded community who prepares a varied cross-section of students for success as scholars, workers, and citizens by providing them with a world-class liberal arts, college-preparatory education. This inclusive environment, where high standards, technological innovation, growth-mindset, unique experiences, creativity, and accountability are the norm, aims to achieve lasting gains in students' academic performance and includes the development of a strong alumni network.

Vision Statement:

The Renaissance Academy Charter School student makes an active decision to be educated at the school because the student and their family desire an award-winning, college-prepared, liberal arts education. With rapport as a foundation, the school is a safe, respectful, rigorous and goal-oriented environment that is driven by the expectation that all students are able to realize their full potential.

Core Values:

The core values embraced by Renaissance Academy are Hope, Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Justice, Compassion, Integrity, and Wisdom.

Code of Conduct:

  I am here to learn. Therefore I will:

  • Respect myself, others and the environment.
  • Cooperate with all school personnel.
  • Do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching, or keep anyone, including myself, from learning.

Profile of a Graduate

Graduates of Renaissance Academy Charter School, as a result of their education and their unique experiences, will:

  • Realize their full potential.
  • Cultivate an inclusive environment.
  • Perpetuate a strong alumni network.
  • Value and pursue continuing education.
  • Succeed as scholars, workers, and citizens.
  • Attract colleges, universities, and future employers.
  • Employ a growth mindset in order to break barriers.
  • Function confidently in a diverse minded community.
  • Embrace and contribute to technological innovations.
  • Identify problems and take action in their community.
  • Possess the capacity to be a model of accountability.
  • Appreciate the value of creativity and its relationship to success.
  • Build rapport and have the ability to create that atmosphere in their future environment.
  • Thrive in an environment that expects high standards and confidently seek continued improvement.
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