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Renaissance Academy's Dr. Gina Guarino Buli on the Frontline for Transparency in PA Education

CEO of Renaissance Academy Charter School, Dr. Gina Guarino Buli, passionately represented Renaissance Academy at the Montgomery County public hearing addressing the state of education in Pennsylvania. Local Pennsylvania officials convened at Lansdale Borough Hall to confront funding insecurities within Pennsylvania public schools and discuss specific issues hindering the growth of both staff and students.

Recently, the commonwealth declared Pennsylvania's education system unconstitutional, spotlighting the state's largest funding gap between wealthy and poor school districts. The panel tackled various issues linked to the funding problem, such as staff shortages, fund allocation to charter schools, the rise of mental health issues among students, and the shortage of resources to assist students with mental health issues.

Dr. Guarino Buli delved into the sensitive topic of funding allocations to charter schools, providing suggestions to pave the way for financial solidarity and transparency between charter schools and district schools, bridging the gap between the two.

She emphasized, "Our responsibility is to level out the educational playing field; addressing funding disparities between traditional public and charter schools is crucial. School leaders, such as myself, work daily to provide high-quality education to all our students, regardless of their location in our state. Policymakers should explore ways to equitably distribute resources, such as implementing a fair funding formula that considers the unique needs of each student, regardless of the school they choose to attend."

Dr. Guarino Buli further defended the necessity of having qualified staff for all students, criticizing political attempts to expedite teacher certification. She stated, "The lack of time and attention to this highly important profession simply does not align with the needs of our most vulnerable and precious resource: our children. The teacher preparation program developed by PDE to fill vacancies and fast-track teachers into classrooms lacks fidelity and long-term support. While perhaps well-intended, these 'emergency' response certifications push teachers into classrooms without the necessary tools and support. This irresponsible behavior creates a cycle of apathy among educators, leading to high turnover in many schools when student learning loss is high, and consistency is crucial."

In a time where the needs of children are escalating, and educators tirelessly work to tailor the perfect curriculum and social setting for our youth, the assistance of our state policymakers is crucial to maintaining morale and robust school environments. Renaissance Academy takes pride in its commitment to excellence and looks forward to continued collaboration in shaping a brighter future for our students. Together, we can foster an educational landscape that empowers our youth and prepares them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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